Plan your marketing strategy according to OS functions.Test, plan, schedule and measure the success of mobile strategy. Create the different types of strategy which suit according to mobile devices. It utilizes different channels for promote services, product and Brand via mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. 


  • 65% of mobile web users abandon pages if they do not load within 10 seconds.
  • 40% users fail to make intended purchase because the website is not mobile friendly and the web pages cannot show .That is the major reason most of the people bounch from the website.
  • According to Research, 80% traffic will come from mobiles in 2020. That is a great opportunity for all businesses  tto grow their sales with the help of mobile friendly website.


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graph of mobile marketing according to reasearch 2019

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2019

In India, Out of 700 million mobile users.365 million people have a smartphone. Out of every 2 person,1 owns a smartphone .Internet is increasing day by day. People uses mobile internet 70% more than desktop internet .Smartphone users search online regularly and take a action to buy if she/he like the features of product. Most of the people do online shopping because it is easy to get the product and payment method is also very easy “Cash on Delivery”.