MilesWeb Review – Get 25% Off on Managed VPS Hosting Plans

A virtual private server, often known as a VPS, is a type of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end-user through the internet via a cloud or hosting provider.

Each VPS is installed on a physical server that is managed by a cloud or hosting company and hosts many VPSs. However, while the VPSs share a hypervisor and underlying hardware, each VPS runs its operating system (OS) and applications and has its share of the machine’s resources (memory, compute, etc.).

A VPS provides speed, flexibility, and control that fall between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to call a multi-tenant VPS arrangement private, especially when single-tenant options are available, the term VPS is used by traditional hosting providers to differentiate it from shared hosting. 

A hosting model in which all hardware and software resources of a physical machine are shared equally across multiple users is managed Linux VPS hosting.

When it comes to a virtual server, the differences between providers might be rather considerable. A VPS provides a solid combination of affordability, flexibility, scalability, and control between shared and dedicated hosting for traditional hosting companies, making it a suitable match for eCommerce, apps with moderate or spiky traffic, email servers, CRM, and so on.

However, virtual servers from the public cloud providers are far more powerful and feature-rich—they are the basic building block for most of what is now dubbed cloud and can handle a much broader range of applications.

Hosting on a VPS

As previously said, managed Windows VPS hosting is an expensive alternative to shared hosting. Shared resources are made accessible to an end-user in VPS hosting, who has more control over system specs, guest operating systems, and the total software stack than in shared hosting.

VPS hosting falls between shared and dedicated hosting in terms of control, affordability, and simplicity. VPS is the most scalable of the three options.

MilesWeb is my top choice for hosting your website. There are several reasons why MilesWeb host is recommended for hosting your website. MilesWeb, as an Indian host, has expanded its roots abroad, and the firm is rapidly expanding.

MilesWeb offers discounts on practically all web hosting plans in addition to delivering the best web hosting plans and services.

If you have or will have a high-traffic website, you should absolutely opt for a web hosting package that allows for scalability, which MilesWeb provides.

Scalability, uptime, and efficiency are all important considerations when choosing a web host and hosting type. Without a doubt, MilesWeb provides each of the factors specified.

When it comes to web hosting, if you pick shared hosting plans for your website, you will run out of resources after a certain period of time, causing you to migrate or upgrade your hosting plan.

When you pick VPS hosting plans, you avoid all of the disadvantages of shared hosting plans while paying a reasonable price! VPS hosting offers value to hosting plans by incorporating resources like scalability, performance, and dedicated IP addresses, among other things.

MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Plans

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plan comes with ten Linux-based choices ranging from V1 to V10. All the VPS hosting plans offered by MilesWeb come up with a 25% discount on a yearly plan subscription.

A yearly subscription to the base plan V1 costs Rs. 630/mo. If you buy the plan for six months, you pay Rs. 756/mo, and a monthly subscription cost Rs. 840/mo.

The basic plan includes the following resources:

2 vCPUs, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB bandwidth, 1 unique IP address.

The top-tier VPS plan V10 costs Rs. 32,640/mo on a yearly basis and contains the following features:

40 virtual CPUs, 500 GB SSD Disk, 128 GB RAM, 3000 GB bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP address

MilesWeb configures the VPS server for your hosting using the latest hardware and software components. The entire VPS hosting infrastructure is well-designed to ensure that your websites are always up and functioning.

Why should you utilize MilesWeb?

  • All websites hosted on the company’s virtual private servers are guaranteed to be up and running 99.99 percent of the time.
  • MilesWeb assures its customers the best-in-class hosting services.
  • Because of their server’s robust design, maintenance, and security procedures, they give one of the best uptime guarantees in the business.

The Best Customer Service at MilesWeb

MilesWeb does not employ bot chat help believing reliability in 100% human service. MilesWeb provides full-time human tech assistance on a managed VPS hosting option. You may contact customer support representatives at any time and from any location by using chat or the ticket system.

If you have an issue with MilesWeb’s hosting, you can also contact their customer service representatives through emails, chat. These are experienced specialists who have dealt with hosting-related concerns in the past.

VPS Server Administration

MilesWeb’s in-house team of experts can monitor your VPS. They make sure that your hosting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no downtime.

They will be there to help you throughout your MilesWeb journey.

To summarize, MilesWeb is highly recommended since the company offers the best VPS hosting plans in terms of speed, power, and scalability. Aside from that, MilesWeb provides the most economical VPS hosting options in the market.

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