Ever thought about why you see a lot of infographics these days? Well, it’s because there must be something great behind that, as that’s why many websites include at least one infographic in their articles or blog pages. But wait, why is it so famous? And what benefit a site gets by adding infographics to their website?

So many questions, right? Don’t worry; we will answer all of them.

Before we begin with anything, let us first know:

What are infographics?

Infographics may be defined as an image with structured data in terms of media and text. These are different than other kinds of images because they show complex data in a simpler way; also, more data can be shown to a user with infographics.

In other words, an Infographic is a term of two words, Informational + Graphics. So a graphical content containing a lot of information in a presentable format is Infographics.

Now, moving forwards, let us also know about:

What are the benefits of Infographics?

See, an infographic can help you in many ways; some of the most common benefits of Infographics are:

  • Getting quality backlinks for free.
  • The website may get a good amount of traffic.
  • Helpful in improving the SEO of a website.
  • It can go viral in no time.
  • Helpful in brand building and awareness.

These are just to give you an overview of what Infographics are capable of; in reality, there are many more benefits such as it gets global coverage, they’re portable, you can embed them, and much more. Once you start implementing infographics on your website, you will see a more than 10% increase in your traffic.

As you just noticed, the first benefit was the backlink earnings. So let us also discuss:

How can infographics help attract backlinks?

See, if you doubt whether or not infographics can help in the backlink, then let me make it clear, yes, it can help you and in the most professional manner. It just not helps in backlinks but also in getting good traffic, so in any way, infographics are good for your website.

Now moving on, why is it so much helpful and not other kinds of content?

Well, every content is helpful, but if we talk about infographics, then it is a combination of not just graphics but also quality information. So once you publish an infographic on your website, other websites can share those infographics on their website and will give you backlinks. As infographics may take some time and research to create, but if other websites are creating content on the same or nearby topic, then they prefer using infographics that are already created, and as a return, they give you backlinks to your website.

Now once your website gets backlinks from a website, the SEO of your website will gradually improve along with the traffic.


How do I manually create infographic backlinks?

The process of manually generating infographic backlinks comes into consideration when your infographic is not getting noticed by other websites. So what you can do is: Submit those infographics to other websites as a guest post; for instance, suppose you’ve created an infographic with the research data of the usage of social media platforms in the past few years. So if any website (a good one) is writing content on that topic, you should connect with them, share the infographics and ask for a backlink. It is going to benefit your website in many ways.

Apart from this, what you should do is submit your infographics to infographics submission directories; there are many websites, which we will be sharing with you in a few moments.

Along with this, if you share your infographics to social media platforms, then again, it will give you some backlinks because that content will be globally visible, and if anyone is interested in using those infographics, they will give you backlinks.

Note: You should not forget to mention your website in the infographics (at the bottom center) as a credit. When you do this, if someone is using your infographics and not giving you the backlink, you will be able to get it removed, or otherwise, the traffic might come to your website through the link mentioned in the infographic.

Last but not least, if you publish the press release of your website along with the infographic, then whenever the PR is published or re-shared on different sites, you will be getting the backlinks. PR is always appreciated, and if you add an infographic in that, then that will help you even more.

If you do not know how to publish a press release, then you should talk to a Digital Marketing LA Agency for the same.

Are infographics good for SEO?

Well, yes, they are very much helpful for improving the SEO of a website. You will not just get the traffic or backlinks, but also the branding of your website will improve. As if you notice, not all the sites are publishing infographics; the reason behind this is that it takes some research time, and also, the infographic should be clean and easily understandable. So once your website publishes that, it will make a good impact on your users.

Now talking about how infographic is good for SEO, then here are a few reasons:

  • When an infographic is attached to content, people give more time to that page or article; hence the stay-time of a user increases, and the bounce rate decreases.
  • Next, if you’ve released the infographic in terms of embedded content, so no matter how many times the infographic is published, you’re going to get a good amount of backlinks and its benefits.
  • Apart from this, the content can go viral in no time, so that is going to help your website get more traffic which itself is a good signal for your website.

These are the most common benefits; there are still many more benefits left to discuss that tell how infographics can be good for SEO.

Do you remember we have mentioned above that we will be discussing the list of some of the infographic submission websites? Well, it’s time to know them.

List Of Free Infographic Submission Website

So the list of sites where you can submit your infographic for free is:

  • Flickr
  • Slideshare
  • Gifographics
  • Infographic Journal
  • Photobucket
  • Pinterest
  • Mashable
  • Daily Infographic

The list can go further, but the above-mentioned websites are way too amazing to get free backlinks and traffic too.

Not only this, but many digital marketing agencies who offer SEO Services LA say that the other ways of getting backlinks are through blog commenting, doing a post on forums to get a backlink, and also doing guest posting.

But sometimes, it happens that websites may use your infographic and do not give backlinks to your website. So what you can do is, make a Google reverse image search and find the websites using your infographic, then connect with them and ask them to give you backlinks or they can simply remove your infographic from their website. In most cases, you will be getting the backlinks.

So this is how infographics are going to help your website get good and quality backlinks. Now, if you’re willing to increase the ranking of your website, then you should hire a digital marketing agency that can help your website get ranked on the search engines like Google. You may connect with Jai Prakash Marketing Agency to get free consultation about the growth with SEO.

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