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ITSGURI Digital Solutions help brands to grow their business with guest blog posting services. We craft a well-researched and unique article that incorporates your website links and post on targeted sites. Our guest blogging strategy can boost your brand visibility and traffic by quality content creation, outreach, and placement by our guest blogging experts.

Real Blogs, Real Results!

As an SEO firm with decades of collective experience, we at ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions  understand one thing very well – the importance of trust and reputation. SEO is a collection of practices that prove to audiences and search engines alike that your business deserves to be the top source of information on any given topic or keyword – and that requires trust, and reputation.

And in the world of SEO, nothing is as safe, effective and reliable in building your SERP as guest posting. Guest posting is a proven method to build authority backlinks to your website, boost brand awareness and establish a strong online presence. 

When you guest post on high DA/DR sites catering to a similar niche, your brand gets the “expert status” in front of your target audience who can become potential customers. At ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions , we perform all the heavy lifting without breaking your bank to ensure your SEO efforts are headed in the right direction. With our qualified guest posting services, your business can get visibility in the least possible time, attract a brand new target audience and climb to the top of search engine rankings; supercharging the number of qualified leads. At ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions , we uncover hundreds of guest blogging opportunities for your business every single month; no matter how competitive the industry or domain.


Deeply Vetted Sites

Not every site becomes part of our guest posting site inventory. We look for various aspects of sites such as high domain authority, domain life, high organic traffic, indexed pages, traffic location, etc. Apart from metrics, we look for sites that have quality professional design and feel real.

Contextual Links

We don’t just put your link randomly anywhere in the content, understanding the significance of perfect link placement. We provide contextual backlinks that provide relevant traffic, authority, and exposure to your brand.

In-Depth Content Creation

We truly believe that content is king. We have a team of native writers who keep your brand in the center at every stage, starting from content ideation, conceptualization to the creation and writing a copy that converts.

Linkable Target Identification

ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions experts scan your entire site to pick the best piece of content that can generate

Fast Turn-Around Time

We complete the whole process starting from research to posting within 30 days. We have guest posting experts who can build 100 unique links per month. We work thoroughly to meet deadlines and provide you with a seamless experience.

We will replace the links if you may not like them, and we provide a 100% replacement guarantee of the removed links within a year.


Improves Your Ranking

Guest posting services will help you secure links from various popular blogs to improve your search engine ranking.

Domain Authority

Blogger outreach services will help you build your domain name and search engine authority.

Quality Traffic

With guest blogging services, you can get relevant traffic on your website and grow your potential customer base.

Brand Awareness

Guest blog posting services will provide wide exposure to your brand by having it mentioned on various blogs.

Link Building

Our Guest posting services help companies/agencies acquire backlinks through high quality link building activities.It will boost your SEO ranking and increase your online influence.


Consumers like to check the online presence and portrayal of your brand. Blogger outreach services help to post blogs on various websites, improving your credibility.


When you get started with an online business, getting traffic and recognition can be a tricky game because Google takes time to index new pages and you need to position your website as an authority in your niche. And, there can’t be a better and quicker way than guest posting. By guest posting, you can boost your brand authority in any niche and get instant exposure in front of a proven audience. If you go by search engine guidelines, guest blogging can help you boost organic rankings for your preferred keywords, earn brand mentions and get targeted traffic to your website.

Most guest posting providers build spammy backlinks from irrelevant websites, trying to fetch higher search engine rankings for their clients; which invites penalties. At ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions , we only help you post high quality guest posts on niche websites in an organic fashion, which is under the ambit of Google guidelines. This way, you don’t have to fear about any penalties. To ease your concerns, we follow a definite checklist before any website can qualify for your guest blogging initiatives including filters for IP, domain age, page authority, minimum organic traffic parameters, google indexing status and more.

No, there are multiple ways to secure quality backlinks but if you are to rank for your target keywords; Google prefers organic and white hat SEO methods. Of course you can go for other methods like influencer outreach, infographics and all; however these initiatives would take time to deliver SEO results. Given that your business shouldn’t be on the backburner, you can approach webmasters with quality content that can add value to their audience, provide exposure to your business while fetching a backlink in return.

Every online business wants first page rankings for their business keywords that can help the leadbase grow. At ITSGURI Digital Marketing Solutions, we prepare a separate plan for informational and transactional keywords and begin the outreach process with a fixed target in mind. Most search engines including Google promote diversity in the link farm and therefore, we carefully assess the number of backlinks that can prove to be a needle mover for your rankings.

Yes. That’s why we run a manual outreach process with high quality content and try to convince webmasters about how a particular piece of content can impact their audience and they are more than happy to accept our submission, giving credit in the form of a backlink in return. And the best part, we always focus on building backlinks from the content body over the ones buried in the author bio. Although links in the author bio are fruitful to get you introduced to a new audience, text-based backlinks are always better when it comes to fetch keyword rankings.

We have a dedicated team of experts that does the job. Depending on your business and the type of customers it targets, our team fetches the websites where your customers are spending the most time on; which also happen to be the sites catering to a similar niche as yours. All in all, we use both fixed and customized templates to begin the outreach process. Even if a webmaster won’t respond in the first shot, we follow up with a set of follow up emails to gather their interest, add value in the form of data-driven content and garner backlinks.

No matter the space you are operating, you must build visibility on the web to survive. And in an online world, getting published on sites that directly or indirectly caters to your business products and use cases, you start building authority. When someone awards you a backlink, Google sees the activity as a “trust vote.” It’s like indirectly vouching for your business by saying, “This site is creating awesome content in XYZ Niche.” Slowly and steadily, as you create a strong backlink profile, your website authority increases and you start getting more traffic for your keywords.

We work for some of the best names in the industry and have also garnered mentions from top sites such as Social Media Today, Search Engine Journal & More. Moreover, we are always open for face-to-face meetings and discuss case studies about some of our best work delivered so far to enhance credibility and build a long term association with your business.

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